Women Astronomers

Most people aren’t aware of the critical and often unacknowledged role women have played in the fields of astronomy and space science throughout historyWomen have played a part in astronomy since we were able to look up at the sky.  But – unfortunately women were’t encouraged to participate in astronomical research or observation for many years.  In recent times women’s work in both fields has received widespread recognition and appreciation.  Thanks to pioneers like Caroline Herschel, Williamina Flemming, Maria Mitchell women now make up a significant proportion of professional and amateur astronomers.  

Here you’ll find information on what’s happening in the space and astronomy world, and information on many women who are, or who have in the past, worked in astronomy and space fields.

Current Women Astronomers A-G

Current Women Astronomers H-M

Current Women Astronomers M-Z

Past Astronomers <1500s

Past Astronomers 1500s – 1700s

Past Astronomers 1800s – 1900s

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