News: 08 – 14 April 2013

NASA is funding a asteroid ‘retrieve, park and study’ mission.
This is awesome news! Reports out of the US note that NASA is shortly expected to announce that they have been funded to retrieve and asteroid, bring it back, and park it behind the moon for research. The news that an estimated $100 million will be funded to start the project project is very exciting. We now have to await for formal confirmation from NASA and the White House.

Does Io have too many volcanoes?
NASA thinks so. The latest research suggests that we don’t understand the volcano laden moon as well as we think we do….

Hubble Space Telescope finds most distant supanova
Hubble has found a Type 1a supanova so distant that it exploded over 10 million years ago!

ATV ‘Albert Einstein to launch on 05 June 2013
ESA’s space freighter ATV Albert Einstein will be the heaviest spacecraft ever launched into space by an Ariane rocket when it lifts off to the International Space Station on 5 June 2013. The freighter will deliver cargo to the International Space Station including fuel, water, and oxygen.

Awesome twin impact craters on Mars
Pits in twin impact craters on Mars likely caused by vaporisation of subsurface ice during asteroid impact.

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