Welcome to AstroChix, a site all about astronomy and space! Here at astrochix we love all things space and astronomy related.  We also love to be inspired by women –  so apart from bringing you lots of interesting astronomy and space news we provide information on the contribution women have made, and continue to make in the field of astronomy and space science.

I’m an amateur astronomer (with a MSc in Astronomy) and I blog about a lot of stuff including astronomy, astrophotography as well as other nerdy stuff that interests me.  You can follow my various ramblings on my blog page. I also write for Dave Reneke’s World of Astronomy and Australian Science Magazine – you can find a list of my articles here. I also love astrophotography (with a DSLR) – so I’ll also be posting all my astro related images to my images page.

I’m particularly interested in meteor observing, planetary science (I’m a frustrated geologist at heart!), quasars, the history of astronomy and the history of women in astronomy.

If you’d like to contact me you can do so via info@astrochix or @astrochix on Twitter. We also have a Facebook page.

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