News: 29 April – 05 May 2013

Telescopes see ‘Shockingly Bright’ GRB
This is exciting! NASA’s Swift and Fermi telescopes picked up a massive burst of energy from an area in the constellation Leo.  The Gamma Ray Burst, designated GRB 130427A, produced the highest-energy light ever detected from such an event. Energy burst is estimated at ’94 billion electron volts (GeV)’.

NASA’s Orion Parachute passes latest test
Orion parachutes pass latest tests conducted in the in Arizona desert.

Southern pole of Saturn reveals monster hurricane
Amazing images of enormous hurricane at Saturn’s pole from Cassini!

Space Centre Houston unveils plans for massive jet/shuttle display
Space Centre Houston (the visitor centre for Johnson Space Centre) has acquired NASA’s 747 that carried the ferried the orbiters around the country. The centre plans to pair it with a replica shuttle for display from 2014!

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