Visit to Parkes Radio Telescope

This weekend we decided to get out of town for a few days and head out for a little science education. The first place we visited was the Age of Fishes Museum in Canowindra, NSW.  It really is an amazing place full of very rare fish fossils from the Devonian period that were unearthed in Canowindra in 1955.  If you’re in the area I highly recommend a visit!

From Canowindra it’s only hour to CSIRO’s Parkes Radio Telescope located just north of Parkes, NSW, so how could we resist? Continue reading


So….. here we are, the new site is almost ready and now to test it out! Firstly I’m going to be talking about astronomy, aimed at amateurs, but the professional might find something interesting here also.  In addition to astronomy I’ll be posting about space, space science, space programs (or lack of), and my own astro activities and observations.  I’ll also be talking about astrophotography with a DSLR and the many frustrations I encounter in my quest to capture interesting images!