Weekend Astrophotography…. again

Saturday night the skies were clear and the night was supposed to be warm (it actually got quite cold!). So I set out with two others to scout a new dark sky site for the Canberra Astronomical Society.  They took their scopes but I thought I might continue to experiment with my DSLR and see what sort of shots I could get in the new location. Continue reading

Weekend astrophotography

It was a beautiful weekend here in Canberra. We’re heading into summer, the nights are clear, and warming up nicely.  I took one look at the sky on Friday night and decided that I’d spend some time brushing up on my photography skills!  I love observing and taking photos of what I see – but I’m not a fan of standing out in the cold trying to keep the frost and dew off the telescope and camera with various dew shields and heaters! Continue reading


So….. here we are, the new site is almost ready and now to test it out! Firstly I’m going to be talking about astronomy, aimed at amateurs, but the professional might find something interesting here also.  In addition to astronomy I’ll be posting about space, space science, space programs (or lack of), and my own astro activities and observations.  I’ll also be talking about astrophotography with a DSLR and the many frustrations I encounter in my quest to capture interesting images!